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In Jack Maple’s steps: Fighting crime with GIS

July 11, 2018By

Who better to know about connections than a GIS professional whose very job is discovering them? Weaving a thread through time from decades ago isn’t a typical geospatial connection, but this one is, and it is connected by a person. Let’s reflect on who we are as a profession and how we, the geospatial community, has made the world a... read more

MemSQL Brings Geospatial Analysis to In-Memory, Distributed Databases

March 20, 2015By

MemSQL, which specializes in real-time databases for transactions and analytics, has announced new geospatial capabilities for its in-memory, distributed SQL-based database. By bringing together geospatial and operational data in the same high speed database, customers can achieve unprecedented agility for geospatial analysis, MemSQL said. Unlike segregated solutions, MemSQL integrates geospatial data as a primary data type, making it as easy to... read more