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DJI challenge: Improve drone search and rescue

May 27, 2016By

Drone-maker DJI and Shapeways, a 3D printing service and marketplace, are challenging designers to create unique 3D printed accessories for drones to improve search-and-rescue products and make it easier to help save lives. DJI wants to encourage creativity and enable its customers to design their own products through its Software Development Kit. Since 2013, drone enthusiasts have used Shapeways to... read more

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The Accidental Super Power

March 5, 2015By

Geography Paints Both Rosy and Grim Picture of the World
As a graduate student in the late '80s I was learning about "New Geography" using a cutting-edge technology called GIS. It's easy to focus on the technology aspects of GIS and forget the reason for our tradecraft. I was reminded of that reason when I read The Accidental Superpower by Peter Zeihan. It effectively uses geography and analytics to explain how the world has been shaped and is evolving. read more

3D Printing: The New Industrial Revolution

January 2, 2014By

How will 3D printing and the geospatial community affect each other? Many of us in the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) business chuckled at the publicity stunt Amazon pulled by demonstrating UAV doorstep delivery of packages. This was smart marketing by Amazon, and although the technology may not be farfetched, the institutional issues are and will create a long, steep... read more

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