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Leica Announces Nova Measurement System at HXGN Live

June 4, 2013  - By 0 Comments
The Leica media event at HXGN Live Conference in Las Vegas.

The Leica media event at HXGN Live Conference in Las Vegas.

At a media event held during the HXGN Live Conference in Las Vegas today, Leica Geosystems introduced several new products. The highlight of the event was presentation of Leica Nova and the Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation.

The Leica Nova measurement solution is designed to provide users with a complete and seamless workflow, Leica Geosystems said. It integrates advanced measurement technology, modern and intuitive field software, intelligent office software, and Leica’s services to give users the ability to make faster, smarter decisions, across a range of applications. The flagship of the new solution is the Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation, which combines scanning, total station, imaging and GNSS positioning in one instrument to deliver fast and reliable results.

Leica Nova uses advanced measuring technology that provides accuracy and quality, yet is easy to use for an unprecedented range of applications, Leica said. The Leica Nova solution covers the complete process from capturing and visualizing data, to creating intelligent deliverables that shape the world. Whether users measure objects on a construction site, quickly calculate volumes, monitor a dam or a bridge, capture an accident scene with digital imaging or scan a façade, Leica Nova integrates all these capabilities in one compact, flexible solution.

The Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation.

The Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation.

The Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation combines every significant measuring technology in one device for the first time, Leica said. Precision 3D scanning, extensive and precise total station capabilities, digital imagery and GNSS connectivity are brought together in the multistation. The new mergeTEC technology fuses hardware capabilities with comprehensive data-management solutions. Images are synchronized with scans, and scans are tied into total station measurements, making it easy to manage complex 3D data, Leica said.

The Leica Nova MS50 integrates 3D point cloud measurements into regular survey workflows. Users can collect and visualize their topographic survey data with detailed high-precision scans. They save time by computing results and verifying the integrity and completeness of data immediately in the field, avoiding costly reworking or returns. Ultimately, users benefit from better decisions with richer and more detailed data.

Also part of the innovative new Leica Nova solution are the Leica Nova TS50 high-precision total station and Nova TM50 monitoring station.

The Leica Nova TS50 high-precision total station has 0.5-inch angular accuracy and an optimum combination of angle and distance measuring. Integrated overview and telescope cameras with fatigue-reducing autofocus document the scene with high-quality photogrammetric images using the latest SmartWorx on-board software.

The Leica Nova MS50.

The Leica Nova MS50.

The user sees on the remote control display exactly what the Leica Nova TS50 sees, allowing for easy one-person data capture. The Leica Nova TS50 allows full control through “tap and turn” without the need to go to the instrument and back again. The 20-Hz live video stream can be combined with a graphical overlay for cost-effective recording with immediate clarification of ambiguous situations. Together with the benefits of GNSS connectivity, the Leica Nova TS50 offers complete versatility by delivering reliable results, Leica said.

For critical monitoring tasks, the new Leica Nova TM50 monitoring station provides the highest angle accuracy and offers short measurement cycles through high speed Piezo drives and a fast, highly accurate EDM. The Leica Nova TM50 includes 0.5″ angular accuracy and can measure up to 3’000 meters, which makes it the ideal sensor for monitoring tasks in mines, landslides, etc. For additional documentation, the monitoring sensor includes an overview camera and a telescope camera with 30x magnification and autofocus. The Leica Nova TM50 meets the challenge of 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week monitoring applications. The Leica Nova TS50/TM50 instruments are IP65 rated and designed to withstand the roughest use in the most severe environments.

This image shows Leica MultiWorx for AutoCAD plug-in software. You can see the MultiWorx ribbon interface menu system and the brightly colored, intensity mapped point cloud displayed in the main AutoCAD Window. You can also see the exclusive MultiWorx TruSpace window which displays the same viewpoint with the point cloud displayed in photorealistic true color and the Leica Noav MS50 MultiWorx panoramic image displayed as background showing the sky, etc. which adds valuable site context for the user.

Leica MultiWorx for AutoCAD plug-in software.

The Leica software portfolio includes the following:

  • With the new Leica Infinity software, users can seamlessly manage, visualize, process and georeference combined total station, imaging and scanning data from the Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation and other Leica Geosystems sensors.
  • For AutoCAD users who have never before worked with rich point clouds or 3D datasets, the new Leica MultiWorx for AutoCAD plug-in software offers a simple way to integrate point cloud processing into existing workflows.
  • Leica Cyclone and Leica GeoMoS as well as numerous other software packages from partners such as MicroSurvey and Listech can also be integrated into the workflow to meet specific needs.

Here is a video of the Leica Nova MS50.

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