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Generate Contour Maps on iPads and iPhones

June 20, 2014  - By 0 Comments

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CMTINC.COM (Corvallis Microtechnology, Inc.) has added a new dimension to its iOS-based GPS/GIS application software by releasing the Contour – Volume – Stakeout app for iPad and iPhone. Now that higher accuracy GPS receivers are available for use with iOS devices, it makes sense to develop GPS/GIS apps that utilize elevation values, the company said.

The Contour – Volume – Stakeout app will generate contour lines and a colored contour map based on elevations or on the values of any numeric variable of interest (such as the amount of fertilizer to apply). It can compute volumes (such as the amount of soil to move) based on the contour information. It also provides stakeout functions to let the GPS guide the user toward a point or along a line or area boundary.

The data to be contoured can be digitized and entered via the app itself, or it can be imported via Shapefiles or a text file. To aid data collection, the app provides a function to generate sampling grid points over an area. The contour map can be printed to PDF. The contour data can be exported to a text file. The Feature data can be exported to DXF and Shapefiles, and the contour data can be exported to a .CSV text file.

The app is now available at the iTunes App Store.

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