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Senior Editor Tracy Cozzens joined GPS World magazine in 2006. She also is editor of GPS World’s newsletters and the sister website Geospatial Solutions. She has worked in government, for non-profits, and in corporate communications, editing a variety of publications for audiences ranging from federal government contractors to teachers.

Posts by Tracy Cozzens

GeoSLAM launches underground mining solutions Posted on 23 Sep 2021 in the GIS News & GIS Software & Technology categories.

Geospatial mapping company GeoSLAM has expanded its mining offerings. The company also announced an automated processing platform, GeoSLAM Connect, which provides users with the flexibility to process data to their... Read more»

Mapitude offers 2021 US ZIP Code business count data Posted on 26 Aug 2021 in the Featured Stories & GIS News & Mapping & Technology categories.

The Maptitude 2021 ZIP Code Business Count data are available now. The update includes the total number of businesses by type (by six-digit North American Industry Classification System or NAIC”... Read more»

Bluesky National Tree Map shows changing face of Sevenoaks Posted on 26 Aug 2021 in the Featured Stories & GIS News & Mapping & Technology categories.

A new map detailing the location, height and canopy for trees more than 3 meters in height is helping Sevenoaks District Council manage its iconic ancient trees and natural woodland.... Read more»

Indiana city increases citizen engagement with user-friendly GIS program Posted on 25 Aug 2021 in the Featured Stories & GIS News & GIS Software & Imagery & Mapping & Technology categories.

In 2019, the City of Hobart Sanitary and Stormwater District (HSD) in Hobart, Indiana, recognized the benefits of geospatial technology and location intelligence to transform the city. HSD reached out... Read more»

Bathymetric surveys dip into Dead Sea Posted on 18 Aug 2021 in the GIS News & Technology & UAS/UAV categories.

Israeli drone service provider ERELIS has conducted a number of pilot projects using a drone equipped with a single-beam echo sounder in the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea. The... Read more»

NV5 Geospatial offers vegetation management tools for utilities Posted on 16 Aug 2021 in the GIS News & GIS Software & Lidar & Technology categories.

NV5 Geospatial debuts predictive modeling platform to improve utilities’ vegetation management programs NV5 Geospatial has launched Trim Optimization, a predictive modeling platform that enables electric utilities to enhance vegetation management... Read more»

Saudi CubeSat to launch in 2022 for ecosystem research Posted on 16 Aug 2021 in the Featured Stories & GIS News & GNSS/GPS & GSS Monthly & Technology categories.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and Spire Global will launch the KAUST CubeSat research satellite by the end of 2022, according to the university. Spire is a... Read more»

WingtraOne GEN II debuts for professional VTOL flights Posted on 05 Aug 2021 in the Featured Stories & GIS News & Mapping & More & Products/Services Showcase & Technology & UAS/UAV categories.

A new vertical-take0ff-and-landing (VTOL) drone — the WingtraOne GEN II — is now available. The GEN II offers industrial reliability and mapping versatility with an oblique camera configuration for high-quality... Read more»

Parrot, Verizon and Skyward bring 4G-connected drone to US Posted on 05 Aug 2021 in the Featured Stories & GIS News & Technology & UAS/UAV categories.

The Parrot ANAFI Ai is powered by Verizon 4G LTE and integrated with Skyward software to pave the way for near real-time data transfer, remote deployment and beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) flight... Read more»

UgCS software updated for drone-based lidar missions Posted on 26 Jul 2021 in the Featured Stories & GIS News & Lidar & Technology & UAS/UAV categories.

SPH Engineering has updated its UgCS software with a lidar toolset for UAVs. The toolset is designed to unlock the full potential of lidar sensors, making remote sensing more effective... Read more»