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About Tracy Cozzens

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Senior Editor Tracy Cozzens joined GPS World magazine in 2006. She also is editor of GPS World’s newsletters and the sister website Geospatial Solutions. She has worked in government, for non-profits, and in corporate communications, editing a variety of publications for audiences ranging from federal government contractors to teachers.

Posts by Tracy Cozzens

Applanix introduces GNSS-inertial platform for mobile mapping Posted on 10 Mar 2022 in the GIS News & Mapping & Technology categories.

Applanix has announced the Trimble AP+ Land GNSS-inertial OEM platform for accurate and robust position and orientation for mobile-mapping applications. Read more»

MCP work with NHTSA to assess GIS data for sharing 911 Posted on 04 Feb 2022 in the Featured Stories & GIS News & GIS Software & Mapping categories.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Mission Critical Partners will collaborate to assess the status of GIS within the 911 community. Read more»

Kudan 3D-Lidar SLAM demonstrated without external GNSS or IMU Posted on 04 Feb 2022 in the GIS News & Mapping categories.

Kudan Inc. demonstrated the use of a 3D-lidar SLAM device to create a sharp point cloud without using an external GNSS receiver or IMU. Read more»

Maritime surveillance supported by Hexagon lidar sensors Posted on 02 Feb 2022 in the GIS News & Lidar & Mapping categories.

Hexagon is partnering with Airbus on a near-real-time airborne bathymetric lidar surveillance system, the Chiroptera 4X. Read more»

Asensing demos HD-MapBox for lane-level positioning Posted on 02 Feb 2022 in the GIS News & Mapping categories.

Guangzhou Asensing Technology, which specializes in high-precision positioning for intelligent transportation, demonstrated HD-MapBox at CES 2022. Read more»

Esri launches ArcGIS indoor positioning system Posted on 02 Feb 2022 in the Featured Stories & Mapping categories.

Esri has released ArcGIS IPS, which adds a blue dot to indoor maps, enabling users to locate their current position inside a building. Read more»

Canadian UAV companies offer joint training for pilots, agencies Posted on 11 Oct 2021 in the GIS News & Technology & UAS/UAV categories.

360iSR and Canadian UAVs have agreed to jointly offer comprehensive unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations training on the market globally. The joint training offering leverages the partnership’s detect-and-avoid technology, which... Read more»

RedTail delivers lidar for DoD explosive ordnance disposal Posted on 11 Oct 2021 in the GIS News & Lidar & Technology categories.

RedTail Lidar RTL-450 integrated onto Teledyne FLIR SkyRaider for tactical operations RedTail Lidar Systems has delivered six lidar systems to the 707th Ordnance Company stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. The... Read more»

Mapping Marvel: Lost cities found Posted on 11 Oct 2021 in the Featured Stories & GSS Monthly & Lidar & Technology categories.

GPS and airborne light detection and ranging (lidar) have revolutionized archaeology. In just a little more than a decade, dozens of previously hidden cities and settlements have been discovered under... Read more»

GeoSLAM launches underground mining solutions Posted on 23 Sep 2021 in the GIS News & GIS Software & Technology categories.

Geospatial mapping company GeoSLAM has expanded its mining offerings. The company also announced an automated processing platform, GeoSLAM Connect, which provides users with the flexibility to process data to their... Read more»