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Correcting the census: Household sizes in Maptitude 2019

April 17, 2019By
Census tracts with Caliper derived households. (Image: Caliper)

Household size distributions are critical inputs to many business analyses, but may not be correctly derived from U.S. Census data, according to Caliper. The Census counts people at their geographic locations, and when several unrelated people live at the same address, they are reported as one household with a number of residents. A confusing array of data is reported. In... read more

Caliper releases country package for Maptitude mapping software

November 2, 2018By
The 2018 DACH Country Package for Maptitude includes 4th quarter 2017 map content for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. (Photo: Caliper)

Caliper has lunched a 2018 DACH Country Package for its Maptitude mapping software. According to the company, Maptitude country packages bring the power and flexibility of its Maptitude product suite to a global audience and enable its customers to make geolocation-based decisions internationally. The 2018 DACH Country Package includes fourth quarter 2017 map content for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.... read more

Free highway exits, interchanges data provided for Maptitude 2018

October 1, 2018By
Image: Caliper

GIS software company Caliper has released new highway exit data for the United States and Canada. read more

Caliper Offers Congressional Districts, Census Data for Use with Maptitude

April 2, 2015By

GIS software company Caliper is offering 114th Congressional Districts data for the United States for its Mapitude software. The data package is aimed at corporate legislative affairs departments, lobbyists, political consultants, political parties, and anyone else involved in political affairs. The 114th Congressional Districts data contains a nationwide area database with boundaries of the 114th (January 2015-January 2017) Congressional Districts. It also includes demographic data... read more