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Cartographies of Disease traces long history of maps and medicine

February 6, 2017By

The new edition of Cartographies of Disease: Maps, Mapping, and Medicine from Esri traces the long history of how maps have been used to help unlock the mysteries behind the cause and spread of diseases such as cholera, yellow fever and Ebola. Ebola is the focus of two new chapters. Cartographies of Disease was first published in 2005 and showed... read more

Esri workbook teaches basic mapmaking, spatial analysis techniques

May 16, 2016By

The new edition of GIS Tutorial 1: Basic Workbook, published by Esri, teaches the fundamentals of using geographic information system (GIS) technology, including making maps, geocoding data and analyzing spatial data. The workbook, updated for ArcGIS 10.3 for Desktop software and later versions, also includes a new chapter on how to use the ArcGIS Network Analyst extension to analyze street... read more

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New Esri book teaches principles of map design

January 4, 2016By
A new Esri book guides mapmakers through the process of designing visually pleasing and easily understandable maps.

More emphasis today needs to be placed on map design, especially on the web, according to Esri president Jack Dangermond. “We need to spend more time designing maps and not just producing them,” Dangermond said at a recent geodesign conference. Cartographer Cynthia A. Brewer’s new edition of Designing Better Maps: A Guide for GIS Users, published by Esri, will guide... read more

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New Esri Book Guides Use of Lidar

October 7, 2015By

A new book published by Esri teaches how to use GIS software to analyze and visualize lidar data. Lidar is an optical remote-sensing system that uses a laser to measure topography, vegetation, objects such as buildings, and the ocean floor at some depths. Data collected from lidar can be used to create highly accurate elevation and terrain models. Making Spatial... read more

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Esri Publishes Getting to Know ArcGIS, Fourth Edition

July 13, 2015By

A new book published by Esri covers the fundamentals of making digital maps, analyzing geospatial data, and building and editing spatial databases using ArcGIS. The workbook Getting to Know ArcGIS, fourth edition, is updated for use with the latest version of Esri’s ArcGIS for Desktop software.  Getting to Know ArcGIS teaches geographic information system (GIS) concepts and common tasks such as how... read more

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Esri Book Explores Spatial Thinking, Research Using GIS

April 22, 2015By
GIS Research Methods provides a solid introduction to research methods using GIS.

Scientific data that’s spatially analyzed produces highly useful information for academics, scientists and other researchers, helping them answer questions and make well-informed decisions, according to a new book published by Esri. The book GIS Research Methods: Incorporating Spatial Perspectives shows how spatial analysis using geographic information system (GIS) technology enhances research in the social and physical sciences. Authors Sheila Lakshmi Steinberg and... read more

E-book Details GIS Role in Fighting Crime

July 30, 2014By

American Sentinel University’s new e-book, GIS for Crime Analysis, Law Enforcement and Public Safety, profiles how GIS has become an effective new crime-fighting tool used by law enforcement agencies to uncover criminal patterns that would be otherwise impossible to identify. The complimentary e-book is available for download. GIS technology merges and manages massive amounts of law enforcement data into geodatabases that... read more

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New Esri Book Proposes Changes to U.S. Land Records System

July 30, 2014By

The latest book from Esri Press provides a comprehensive view of the American Land Records System (ALRS). Modernizing American Land Records: Order upon Chaos examines the history of American land concepts, governance, and records systems and their use. The book considers institutional land record trends and the latest technical developments of location-oriented land data systems such as geographic and land information... read more

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