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ION GNSS+ a playground for high precision

September 22, 2016By

Every year, some of the brightest minds and most influential people in the GNSS industry that guide the direction of global GNSS system deployments (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou) and design the most advanced GNSS receivers in the world, gather at the ION GNSS+ conference. I almost always attend this conference, as it provides a look into what GNSS receiver researchers, designers... read more

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High-precision positioning to improve as next-gen GNSS begins

August 24, 2016By
A four-satellite dispenser for Galileo’s Ariane 5 is shown during shaker testing at Airbus Defence and Space near Bordeaux, France. The dispenser has had four Galileo engineering models attached to it for test purposes.
Copyright: ESA

In Geospatial Solutions’ sister publication, GPS World magazine, I’ve written quite a bit about how high-precision GNSS is going to significantly improve over the next few years. Most GNSS users have receivers capable of using GPS (31 satellites) and Glonass (about 24 satellites). That generally equates to between 13 and 20 satellites in view with a clear sky and average... read more

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FAA just gave US commercial drone industry major shot in the arm

June 30, 2016By
3DR demonstrates its drone in the Esri UC drone cage.

Mark June 21, 2016, on your calendar. This will be known as the day in geospatial history that the floodgates were opened for small drones to be used for business. On that day, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officially introduced new rules (so-called Part 107) that allow businesses to fly small (under 55 pounds) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the... read more

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Esri introduces high-precision GNSS mobile GIS software

May 19, 2016By

The title of this column may surprise you. Esri has never built a high-precision GNSS mobile GIS software in its 47-year history. Its ArcGIS Collector did not differentiate between low-precision GNSS data and RTK GNSS receivers — until now. read more

FAA makes progress accommodating commercial UAS operations

April 22, 2016By
The sensefly eXom UAV in flight.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) took a major step forward in expanding commercial UAS/UAV operations in the U.S. airspace. It’s chief said April 19 that the FAA is preparing to take another major step forward in further opening up commercial UAS/UAV operations by eliminating the need for a 333 Exemption for operating small UAS/UAV. On March 29, the FAA announced it was doubling... read more

What really matters to GIS professionals

March 17, 2016By

Surveyors are short-term, project-based data generators. On the other hand, GIS professionals are long-term data managers. Therefore, for surveyors, their data doesn’t require accuracy, it requires precision. On the other hand, GIS professionals value accuracy much more, or at least they should. read more

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ArcGIS Earth: Google Earth, GIS style

January 28, 2016By

For most GIS professionals, Esri’s new ArcGIS Earth will replace the soon-to-be-discontinued Google Earth Enterprise. I take a tour through the new software, which is much like Google Earth with a few added features. Plus: Q&A from our December UAV webinar. In early 2015, Google announced that Google Earth Enterprise is being deprecated. In the software world, deprecated means the... read more

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Boxes and Boxes of Professional-Grade Tools

December 17, 2015By

Geospatial data is everywhere. Many times I’ve shown the following photo I shot at the Esri User Conference several years ago. At the Field Technology Conference in November, I talked about this. Actually, I believe I’ve talked about the topic at nearly every Field Technology Conference since the inaugural event in 2010. Geospatial data long ago left the user domain of... read more

Field Technology Conference: The forest and the fish

November 30, 2015By

PORTLAND, Ore. — Two weeks ago, I attended (and hosted) the Field Technology Conference here in Portland, Oregon. This is the fifth year of the conference. In years past, it’s had a forestry emphasis primary because the Western Forestry and Conservation Association has been a major partner in organizing it. This year, the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission and Pacific... read more

Commercial UAV Expo: Seeking monetizable opportunity

October 15, 2015By

It was a very good conference because there were legitimate users and potential users of drone technology. During sessions, the audience was focused, more so than at most conferences I’ve attended. I think the reason is clear. The audience, consisting of drone users, potential users and manufacturers. wants to know where in the rapidly developing drone market is there a chance to make money? read more