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Tracy Cozzens has served as managing editor of GPS World magazine since 2006. She also is editor of GPS World’s newsletters and the sister website Geospatial Solutions. She has worked in government, for non-profits, and in corporate communications, editing a variety of publications for audiences ranging from federal government contractors to teachers.

Posts by Tracy Cozzens

LizardTech granted U.S. patent for lidar point-cloud compression Posted on 22 Sep 2017 in the Featured Stories & GIS News & Lidar & Products/Services Showcase & Technology categories.

LizardTech, a provider of software solutions for managing and distributing geospatial content, has been awarded a U.S. patent for the compression of lidar point clouds (US 9753124). The patented technology... Read more»

Bathymetrics Data Portal delivers quality water-depth data online Posted on 19 Sep 2017 in the GIS News & GIS Software & Technology categories.

The Bathymetrics Data Portal allows users to search, purchase and automatically download water-depth information directly from an online store to their computer. The Bathymetrics Data Portal is a combined offering by... Read more»

Measure offers drone-based inspections of wind farms Posted on 19 Sep 2017 in the Featured Stories & GIS News & Products/Services Showcase & Technology & UAS/UAV categories.

Measure, a U.S. provider of drone services to enterprise customers, has added turnkey wind farm inspection capabilities to its portfolio of aerial data collection solutions. Wind farm operators can outsource... Read more»

In Hurricane Irma’s wake, EagleView captures imagery of property damage Posted on 19 Sep 2017 in the Featured Stories & GIS News & Imagery & Technology categories.

Eagle View Technologies has captured post event aerial imagery of two million properties in the state of Florida following Hurricane Irma. EagleView is a provider of aerial imagery and property data... Read more»

EagleView capturing Hurricane Irma imagery to speed response Posted on 12 Sep 2017 in the GIS News & Imagery & Technology & UAS/UAV categories.

EagleView Technologies is actively flying to acquire post-storm imagery in Florida following Hurricane Irma. With more than 20 planes staged or in the air, EagleView is continuously capturing high-resolution aerial... Read more»

Remote Geosystems UAV software free for hurricane work Posted on 12 Sep 2017 in the Featured Stories & GIS News & Technology & UAS/UAV categories.

To assist with Hurricane Harvey and Irma emergency response and damage assessments efforts, Remote GeoSystems is donating LineVision software licenses to official agency, volunteer and non-profit drone operators. In addition to... Read more»

Hurricane Irma prep gets boost from Esri resource catalog Posted on 08 Sep 2017 in the Featured Stories & GIS News & GIS Software & Mapping & Technology categories.

Esri has published a Hurricane Irma Resource Catalog in advance of the category 4 hurricane cutting through the Caribbean islands on its path toward Florida. The catalog features read-to-use applications compiled by... Read more»

Agency9 releases free global 3D world in CityPlanner Posted on 07 Sep 2017 in the GIS News & GIS Software & Technology categories.

Agency9 has released free global 3D terrain and buildings in CityPlanner, its cloud solution for collaborative urban planning on the web. Agency9 is a provider of software for online 3D visualization... Read more»

Esri releases second book on GIS technology Posted on 07 Sep 2017 in the GIS News categories.

Esri released a new book, “The ArcGIS Book: 10 Big Ideas about Applying The Science of Where,” as well as a companion website. According to Esri, the book provides mapmakers... Read more»

Boundless partners with global special forces foundation Posted on 06 Sep 2017 in the GIS News & GIS Software & Technology categories.

Boundless has partnered with the Global SOF Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to build and grow an international Special Operations Forces (SOF) network of military, government, commercial and... Read more»